A lower mainland marketing agency launches a cutting-edge service that provides a secret weapon to busy CEOs to ensure their financial solvency during a potential global recession.

It is prudent that Canadian Businesses take steps now to ensure they are protected and ready to weather any economic climate.

We've always strongly supported our local businesses and we feel it's vital now to ensure their survival in any way we can.

a Cue Creative announces the launch of an expert-level service offering for businesses in their growth stage who want to ensure they have a plan for a strong financial foundation during tough economic times. a Cue Creative provides its clients with strategic, efficient sales and marketing processes that support their overall growth, scalability, and longevity.  

a Cue Creative's signature outsourced revenue management services integrate sales and marketing processes to deliver results at a fraction of the cost and time of hiring a full-time leader.  Their part-time leaders are experts in the sales and marketing arena. They build customized, efficient, and strategic processes for their clients.  

With a Cue Creative, companies can get their revenue pipeline operating at peak efficiency by keeping new opportunity leads consistent, sales cycles low, and customer revenue streams aligned with sales goals for 2022 and well into 2023. 

The process is the root origin of business growth for any company. a Cue Creative provides the busy CEO with a powerful secret weapon of outsourced, highly-skilled, executive-level experts without the high overhead of in-house employees. " In the wake of a global pandemic, savvy business leaders are looking for safe ways to maintain a solid connection with their clients, as well as garner new leads and finalize sales without breaking the bank and their annual marketing budget. They are also worried about what the future may hold for their County and they need to be prepared to weather any economic storm - a Cue Creative has always strongly supported our local businesses and wanted to provide a solution based service to ease the burden both in finances and resources yet still provide the expert caliber service and results. Business owners can rest easy knowing that they are digital savvy and equipped to handle any economic shift in the wake of a pandemic. They will be armed with a strategy and process to increase revenue and profits for their company and ensure their solvency and survival which is crucial for our Country. " Kaare Long ~ CEO a Cue Creative.

a Cue Creative has more than doubled the annual revenue of our clients by meticulously planning, creating strategies, and implementing systems and processes that are consistently reviewed and optimized. "Marketing tends to be the first to hit the chopping block during tough financial times when it should be the last to go. However, to be done right, Marketing needs to integrate and work collaboratively with all areas of a Company - especially sales - to drive growth and maintain financial stability, particularly during economic downturns. We've always strongly supported our local businesses and we feel that it's vital now to find ways to ensure their survival in a potential recession in any way we can." Kaare Long - CEO a Cue Creative


A Cue Creative Marketing and Consulting Inc. is an international, award-winning marketing and revenue management agency. Their specialty is in business growth consulting, marketing & sales strategy, and tactical implementation for growth-stage companies who want to increase brand visibility, generate qualified leads, and convert more sales.

Founded in 2006 by Kaare Long, a Cue Creative started as a Digital Marketing Agency, specializing in Social Media and Marketing Content. They have rebranded most recently to combine their collective 50+ years of experience to develop a unique approach that connects the marketing and sales function of the business for the best results. Using their signature revenue management system, Rev +, they have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners get on centre stage and step up to their next level of growth, profitability, and impact.

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Key Takeaways

  • Busy CEO's don’t need to duplicate themselves; they need a strategy and a system for predictable growth.
  • Businesses in Canada need to plan and prepare now to withstand any economic situation.
  • It is vital that we support our local businesses and ensure their survival during this economic uncertainty.



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