About Us

Castoro de Oro Estate Winery is an award winning winery and estate vineyard located in the “Golden Mile” area of Oliver, BC Canada. With a hands-on approach, family owner-operators facilitate every step of the process, from grape to glass or can, handcrafting wines from 100% South Okanagan Valley, BC grown grapes.  Producing an array of fine wines every year; white, rosé and red, single varietal and blends.

The wine shop is a modest building but the atmosphere is fun, warm and welcoming. If you haven’t been to this winery recently be sure to stop in to taste the new wines every few months. Children and pet friendly, of course they are not served wines, but they are often offered a different treat. This winery and wine shop has been open and serving guests since 2006.

Castoro de Oro Estate Winery’s name and label pays homage to its vineyard’s terroir and the founding of Canada. The old vines (planted in 1980), eight-acre vineyard is located on the Golden Mile and blessed with a unique soil combination and a small lake located at the base of it. This terroir provides an ideal foundation for growing superior grapes and a longer growing season than many other Golden Mile vineyards. Beavers helped to create the small lake during their manipulation of earth and water. And early settlers’ search for gold led to the beavers’ vast contribution to the history of the nation; the then-booming fashion industry’s need for beaver felt and fur ultimately allowed settlers to thrive, formally establish the country, and choose the beaver as Canada’s national animal. Now, deservedly so, the dapper mascot appears on every old-photograph styled label.


4004 Highway 97
Oliver, BC  V0H1T1

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Our Team

Stella Schmidt

Proprietor / Assistant Winemaker

Bruno Kelle

Proprietor / Winemaker

How We Started

  • Shortly after opening, we opened our wine shop. 

    We have seen a lot, done a lot, worked a lot and enjoyed a lot of wine. Family owned, we are true vignerons – we make wine from grapes we grow. Simply, we are farmers who like to make good wine.

  • We’ve been around awhile in the winery business. We started the winery in January of 2006