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Joanne Gore Launches “Business Connector”
June 21, 2023

By: Warren Werbitt @ What They Think

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Joanne Gore

120 Savage Road
Newmarket, Ontario L3X 1R1


About Joanne Gore Communications

Joanne Gore Communications helps companies stretch their marketing dollars, pinpoint the quickest time to money, and attract a new generation of business.

The company is led by Joanne Gore, a marketing powerhouse with over 25 years of experience successfully building global B2B marketing strategies - who has proven that using the approach of creating awareness first, will result in customer engagement and company growth. Joanne's expertise spans various B2B verticals, including technology, print, and professional services.

We help your lean marketing team thrive so you can hit your business goals. 

When you work with JGC, you gain access to Joanne's rolodex of hand-picked B2B professionals and virtual team warriors - spanning zoomer to boomers. 

Together, the team provides expertise in niche markets and bleeding edge technology solutions including:

AI/Machine Learning, Analytics, Augmented Reality, Customer Communications, Customer Experience, Data/Opti-channel, Digital Embellishments, Direct Mail, eCommerce, Financial Services, Government, Hardware, Health & Wellness, Interactive Print, Labels & Packaging, MIS, Print, Professional Services, SaaS, Social Selling, Software, Telco, Trade Shows/Events, Web-to-Print/Web-to-Pack, Workforce Management.

We'll help you pinpoint who you help, how you help, and why it matters.

Our services include:

Messaging, Content strategy & development, Lead generation & conversion, Social Media/Social Selling, Paid Search/Paid Social, Direct Marketing, Trade shows/Events/User Groups, Website & Online strategies, Digital, Phygital, & Print marketing, Keynotes/Workshops/Consulting/Training

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