“LAVAGRIP is the perfect eco-friendly ice management solution. Its benefits are unmatched and it suits a variety of consumers and applications."

Those looking for an environmentally-friendly, pet-safe, and non-corrosive alternative to traditional road salt now have a new, natural, Canadian-made solution. Highly-effective, LAVAGRIP anti-slip traction aid provides instant traction on surfaces at any temperature.

Made from black scoria volcanic rock—an abundant, renewable resource—LAVAGRIP is also 100 per cent natural and sustainable, sourced and processed from a private volcano in Quesnel, BC. Its composition and unique shape naturally grips surfaces for immediate traction. It works even amid extreme cold and won’t dissolve over time or contaminate surrounding habitats or waterways.

“LAVAGRIP is the perfect eco-friendly ice management solution,” says Glen Knowles, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, LAVAGRIP. “Its benefits are unmatched and it suits a variety of consumers and applications. Most importantly, it avoids many of the pain points consumers have experienced with road salt and other common chemical melter solutions.”

Issues/pitfalls that LAVAGRIP may help address: 

Slip and Falls

  • Who it impacts: Homeowners, businesses, workplaces, seniors, everyone
  • Did you know? Salt or Chemicals typically stops working in temperatures below -6C, and even strong chemically enhanced road salt have a limit.

Animal injuries and illness

  • Who it impacts: Pet owners; Domestic animals such as dogs and cats and all types of wildlife
  • Did you know?:  Paw injuries are common in pets and wildlife, and road salt can present a serious hazard.

Vehicle Corrosion and Rust

  • Who does it impact? Vehicle Owners, collectors/enthusiasts, businesses with fleet vehicles/equipment
  • Did you know? Corrosion or rust can cause considerable damage to cars, trucks and machinery.

Environmental pollution and contamination  

  • Who does it impact: People, wildlife, the planet (land, plants, water)
  • Did you know? Road salt can pose serious environmental hazards. 


“We need to think harder about how the products we use impact the environment,” says Knowles. “The research is clear and the impacts of road salts are undeniable. The good news is that, with LAVAGRIP, Canadians now have a safe option that protects our people, our pets and our property. It’s not just an advancement, it’s an environmental win.”  


Benefits & Features: 

  • LavaGrip is 100% Pet Safe. 
  • LavaGrip is a pure natural 100% eco-friendly product.  It’s completely natural.  It doesn’t stain and it doesn’t leave a residue. No more white salt stains! 
  • LavaGrip is Re-Usable. Unlike one-time use salt and chemicals, LavaGrip continues working through freeze-thaw cycles.
  • LavaGrip is non-corrosive. Ice Melt, Salt, and Chemicals damage your sidewalks, driveways, property, and cars, increasing your property maintenance and repair cost. LAVAGRIP will not damage your property and it can help reduce the amount of corrosive product. 
  • End of Season Benefit: Plus, it can be swept up at the end of the season and put back into the original container for future use or swept into the grass or garden – its nutrient composition naturally provides nutrients to revitalize your plants.  


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LAVAGRIP believes in producing a sustainable and environmentally friendly product that provides safety in the harsh winter months. 

Research has found dissolved road salt and chemicals eventually make their way into our drinking water, altering the sodium and chloride levels, causing health concerns to human beings as well (I.Strell 2011). What alarmed us the most was the fact that these dangers are rarely communicated amongst society and that the problem is too large to expect it to go away on its own. 

That is why we produce and sell LAVAGRIP.  A natural addition to your ice control plan that helps reduce the amount of salt and chemicals used. LAVAGRIP gives instant traction on icy surfaces, ensuring safety during slippery conditions. This calls for fewer application of the product and other ice control products. Plus, better than environmentally friendly road salt, LAVAGRIP is GOOD for both the planet and safety. LAVAGRIP is the eco-friendly ice management solution that is vital to a complete ice control plan.

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Key Takeaways

  • LavaGrip is a pure natural 100% eco-friendly product.
  • LavaGrip is 100% Pet Safe.
  • LavaGrip is non-corrosive.
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