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Houseworks: B.C. volcano keeps Canadians from slipping
January 8, 2022

By: Community @ Red Deer Advocate

About Lava Grip

LavaGrip is an Environmentally-Safe Traction-Aid for those wanting to complete their ice control plan and enhance safety. The unique shape of our lava gives the perfect grip on ice that can’t be achieved by other commonly-used traction-aids. LavaGrip is a pure product made in Canada. Sourced from our volcano in Quesnel, BC. We extract, process, and package the product in Canada.

Safe to use on most wooden decks, new concrete, and delicate surfaces.

What is LavaGrip made out of?

We sustainably source and process our lava from our private volcano in Quesnel, BC. It is 100% lava rocks and shaped perfectly so that it gives you instant traction on icy surfaces.


Is it safe for Pets?

  • Yes, LavaGrip is 100% Pet Safe and safe for pets to walk on without harming their paws. LavaGrip is organic and contains no harmful chemicals for pets or wildlife.


Will it Dissolve?

  • No, LavaGrip will not dissolve and disappear into the soil or water streams. It stays in place making it reusable. Or you can sweep it into your garden to serve as a natural fertilizer.


Will it work in any temperature?

  • Yes! LavaGrip is a traction-aid that will continue to give you traction on icy surfaces in any temperature.


Does it melt the ice?

  • No, LavaGrip will not melt the ice. Instead, it gives you instant traction on icy surfaces, keeping you safe on icy patches that seems to never melt.


Is it safe on New Concrete?

  • Yes, LavaGrip is safe to use on New Concrete. Just to be sure, we always recommend testing it out in a small area first. Just in case.


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