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News Release March 26, 2024 12:55 EDT   Press release

MOD Kitchen to launch an innovative cloud kitchen facility in Richmond, BC

About MOD Kitchen

At MOD Kitchen, we're not just building cloud kitchens; we're cultivating success stories.

Dream it.
Envision your culinary concept taking shape in MOD Kitchen's customizable, private modular kitchens. Ideally situated next to Ironwood Plaza, you're in prime position to serve over 81,000 households and 13,000 businesses in Richmond and beyond.

Build it.
Launch your culinary venture efficiently in just 6-8 weeks. We've included everything, from construction to equipment costs, making your entry into the food business both seamless and cost-effective.

Grow it.
Thrive in a community-focused environment that fosters growth and development. Benefit from our collective of industry experts, and enjoy the perks of shared operational expenses, exclusive supplier pricing, front desk support and more!

Our Values
Our values at MOD Kitchen are deeply rooted in creating a community-driven culinary space, where we empower food entrepreneurs with innovative kitchen solutions. We are dedicated to redefining the food and beverage industry, offering a transformative and cost-effective alternative to conventional restaurant establishments. Our commitment lies in easing operational burdens and enabling culinary entrepreneurs to focus on their passion within a supportive and thriving community. These values guide our every decision, ensuring that we stay true to our vision of fostering growth and trust within the culinary landscape.


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