About Us

PRKarma.com provides two services. Affordable press release distribution of your news direct to journalists in your specific region. Secondly, we provide a professional newsroom for you to showcase your media-rich news releases, media assets, high-resolution images, press kits, and more.

We are not a news syndicate. Instead, we send your news directly to journalists, providing them the first opportunity to break your story. Not that there isn't a place for syndicated news, but there is more value in earned media.

Our media-rich press releases look amazing. Add high-resolution images, Key Takeaways, Quotes, call to action buttons, videos and more. Our professional newsrooms makes you shine! Newsrooms can be set up in minutes!


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Sacramento, CA  95825
(833) 775-2762

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Our Team

John Coulman

Marketing : VP Marketing

How We Started

  • After just over 18 months in programming, PRKarma.com is finally soft launched. Feedback from the client base is overwhealming.

  • After long hours each day, consultation with journalists and much planning, the team at PRKarma finally completes the business plan.

  • The business plan for PRKarma was officially started.

  • The Inception of the PR Karma Plan .

    With over 20 years of experience in the news distribution industry, the partners of PR Karma decided it was time to shake up the industry.

    We are in a time where search engines frown upon duplicate content, and journalists yearn to be the first in the know for information. As a result, the current press release distribution model of ‘send a press release to paid syndicated websites, verbatim, with up to a hundred website links’ has grown old.

    Journalists want to be the first to break a story and do not want to hear about it through syndicated news. By that time, the information is old and already out there.

    The concept of PR Karma was born.