PR Karma Updates - (New Features) including Scrolling Marquee News and Awards Section.

PR Karma Updates - New additions!

  • Scrolling Marquee News Addition
  • Awards section
  • Non-used sections are no longer displayed

Riding on the heels of our last recent update of having the ability to view office documents online, PR Karma is excited to announce the addition of a couple more new features to our PR Karma Newsroom platform.

1. Scrolling Marquee News

Have you ever wanted to immediately grab your visitor's attention, where their eyes go directly to a message? This scenario is precisely what our 'Scrolling Marquee News' option offers. Whether you advise of an early close with a retail shop, announce a new product or service, or mention an item is back in stock, you can get the message out with the Marquee news tool.

In your Dashboard, within your newsroom tab options is the new "Marquee News" feature. Choose to activate it and enter your message that will scroll across the top of every newsroom page. After entering your message, you can optionally have the message link to a website URL for 'more information.' Then choose the date you want the message to be active from and until, and that's it! 

You can also choose the background color to suit your message. For example, you may select between red or green.

2. Awards Section

Have you recently won an award? This information is something journalists, the media, and your customers would love to know. Winning an award is a great way to boost your brand or product reputation and trust! And like all other functions in the PR Karma newsroom, it is simple to add.

From your newsroom Dashboard (Your Newsrooms), click the Awards icon option and click 'add award.' Next, add the award name, an optional URL to send people to the award, and a description and date of when you received it, and the PR Karma system will post it under your 'About' tab! If you do not have an 'award image' available, don't worry, our default award image fills in the icon.

3. Non-used sections (Latest News Releases, Quick Gallery, Recent Videos, etc.)

We recognize that not everyone has videos about their organization. Not everyone gets featured in the media.

Previously, if you did not have any content for these areas, our system would include the header with a message below stating, "Currently, there are no videos available" or "Currently, there is no media coverage available." As a part of our recognition that some people may not ever have these available, we no longer 'display' the heading with that message. Instead, it will now just be blank and only display the section heading if you have content available, creating a cleaner, more seamless look for your newsroom front page.

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Key Takeaways

  • Scrolling Marquee News Addition
  • Addition of scrolling marquee news.
  • Sections not populated no longer displayed.
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