PR Karma Recognizes Importance of the Ability to Reach Journalists on a Personal Level

PR Karma recognizes how imperative reaching journalists with a personalized message is.

This concept is why we have developed a new distribution channel that allows you to personalize each email you send to the media.

Here is how it works: 

When you select the new channel and select your regions and industry, you will see what media outlets are available to send your news to. Besides the media outlet, you will also see who the media contact is, if available.

Once you have selected each outlet, you will see drop-down windows to free-type your email to each journalist. You may expand or collapse each edit window using the arrow on the right upper corner of the window. You may cut and paste the document if your press release is in Word. Once you have cut and paste, you can embed any logos or images into each email.

The new distribution flexibility makes it possible to demonstrate to the journalist you have done your research and recognize they are the right person to contact. Perhaps even refer to a previous story they wrote and explain how your story may fall nicely on the heels of their previous one.

This personalization increases the likelihood of your story getting read or, better yet, potentially written about. Perhaps even start a relationship with the media contact.

After each email is personalized, the subsequent input screens that ask for your headline, sub-headline, body, etc.) are used to post to your newsroom.

When you select the date, if you choose to send to the media and post to your newsroom simultaneously, your news goes out to your chosen media outlets on this date.

After the second step, the rest of the screens reflect the copy that will show up in your newsroom.

Our demo video will be released shortly.

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Key Takeaways

  • Personalize each email to each journalist
  • Cut and paste your press release
  • Add images within the body