PR Karma Further Streamlines Sending of Press Releases and Improves More Personalized Communications to Your Newsroom Followers

The first feature is ‘remembering categories and regions’ when sending a news release to the media. For example, suppose your news is applicable to media points in cities outside of your immediate state/province, and you are selecting multiple towns. In that case, you will no longer have to enter each city. Instead, you can click “Use previously selected’. This addition is also applicable to the industries you select.

REMINDER #1: When sending news to the media, please only select cities outside your immediate area if you genuinely believe your product/service/news will apply to a journalist in a different region.

REMINDER#2 – Only ‘press releases sent to the media’ have a restriction for how many you can send per month. Posts that are posted to your newsroom & followers only (no media) are unlimited.

The second feature we have added allows you to personalize the subject field when you choose “Send to followers & post to my newsroom. “  Previously, when you would post information to just your newsroom and followers, the subject field that a follower would receive would read “ABC Company has a newsroom update.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Easier selection of cities used previously
  • Personalized subject field for newsroom followers