Why is PR Karma so Inexpensive? – Is it too good to be true? Don’t Worry, Skeptics! Our First Price Increase is on the Way. Very shortly.

Yes – Some skeptics believe if it sounds too good to be true, it is not real. In most cases, this would be correct, especially when you are talking about sending two press releases per month to specific cities or regions you choose and having a professionally branded digital newsroom for $39/mo.

Guess what, this is real, and you can contact any of the individuals on the testimonials page or existing newsroom owners for confirmation, including significant sports associations. Let’s look at why.

The company has a philosophy. Get people in early and earn a reputation which will hopefully spread via word of mouth and social media. The cost that people register at is the cost they keep for the life of their newsroom. IE., if a company registers while pricing is $39/month and down the road, that same package reaches $200/month, you have earned your spot at $39/month by becoming an early adopter no matter where the pricing goes.

The company owners have a solid foundation in the PR & news distribution industry. They know the ridiculous costs of sending press releases, not to mention the high prices for a digital newsroom.  PR Karma wants this to be a ‘no brainer’ decision for any business while making it affordable for small to mid-size companies with important news to share but can’t afford the ridiculously high-priced alternatives.

The company is not overseas. Yes, you can call and speak with a human not located overseas, and all the people involved have nearly twenty years in the industry experience each.

So after a successful first six months, some great successes with our customers, including becoming a NORAD Tracks Santa Partner, we are implementing our first price increase scheduled for Monday, December 13th. Although Monday is the current increase date, being Christmas, we might hold off an extra day or two. More price increases will arise as we gain momentum. We welcome you sharing our resources with others for those following our news.

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Key Takeaways

  • Amazing PR Resource
  • Send two news releases monthly.
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