Updates and Changes with PR Karma. Another success story, new additions & significant price increase on the way

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Success story
First off, we are excited to share one more success story to add to our list.

A couple of mornings ago, we had a phone call from a customer from New Jersey who landed a radio spot with their local radio station 101.5 FM New Jersey.  He had submitted a press release through PR Karma, and the radio station reached out to them for a story.  This success may not happen all the time but shows that persistence with good quality news can pay off. 

Addition of Pinterest to Social Feed Stream Pull

If you are already familiar with connecting your social media feeds in your newsroom dashboard, you may be interested to know that we now support Pinterest.  By adding your Pinterest account, you can now display your latest pins.

Know who is Following Your Newsroom
PR Karma has updated our terms of service and privacy policy to now allow you to see and have the email of those following your newsroom just as if someone were following your blog or signing up for a 'newsletter.'

Link to Your Archived News
We have come across some newsroom owners that have dozens of news stories.  They don't necessarily want to move all those stories over, perhaps only the last six months' worth of stories.  That said, they still would like to have access to their now archived news stories.  PR Karma has added an option in your newsroom to do precisely this.  Go into your newsroom Dashboard and click on Company Info to add this link.  Then scroll down until you see "Archived News Link" – See image attached.

Addition of More Journalists
We continue to grow our database of journalists and have added another few dozen journalists.  This process is ongoing for PR Karma.

Price increase #1 Incurred, #2 on its way – Significant Increase Coming
We had mentioned to a few individuals that we would have a marginal price increase toward the end of December.  This price increase did happen with our Gold newsroom package.  In addition, we had some of our customers advise that if they did not have a relationship with one of the owners, they would think the pricing was 'too inexpensive to be authentic and would not register, and that our service is undervalued.  With our customer base growing and popularity increasing, our introductory pricing will close shortly.  The following price increase will be substantial.  Current anticipations include our $39/mo.  Silver package jumping to $99/month with one press release allowed per month instead of two press releases currently allowed.

Further, we are looking to increase our Gold package from the recently raised $69/mo. to $249/mo.  These price increases bring our product offering more in line with the industry.  We anticipate further price increases beyond what we just mentioned as more features and functionality become available.  Grandfathered pricing is available for those already registered with a newsroom plan. 


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Key Takeaways

  • Another success story
  • Who who is following your newsroom
  • Addition of social feed pull
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