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Shoot Out Arena Unveils New Website and Ticketing Experience

The 'Battle of the Nations' Event Arrives at Shoot Out Arena

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Bull riding teams entertain weekend crowds in Tombstone
May 10, 2023

By: Dana Cole @ Herald Review

Arena kicks off Cinco de Mayo with bull riding
May 4, 2023

By: Dana Cole @ Herald Review

About Shoot Out Arena

At the heart of Tombstone, Shoot Out Arena emerges as a vibrant hub for both bull riding enthusiasts and those in search of authentic entertainment. Founded by Robby and Kati Jundt, who themselves have deep roots in the rodeo world, the arena rises above its role as a mere venue to become a fixture of the community. It's a place where the raw excitement of bull riding is balanced with a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Monthly, we orchestrate premier bull riding events, interspersed with live performances and supported by our accommodating dry camping RV park, all under the expansive Arizona sky.

This venture was born from Robby and Kati's personal experiences with the financial struggles inherent in competitive rodeo, fueling their determination to redefine the bull riding experience. Shoot Out Arena's mission goes beyond event hosting; it aims at transforming the bull riding field by curating high-caliber events featuring elite bulls and substantial prize offerings. This commitment not only enhances the competitive thrill but also significantly benefits the contestants, spectators, and the broader Tombstone and Cochise County communities. We invite you to be part of this exhilarating narrative, where each visit becomes a memorable adventure into the essence of rodeo culture, promising more than just entertainment but a shared experience of heritage and excitement.

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