Visitors can now distinguish the difference between a news release (press release) and a news article.

New Functionality Addition:

As you know, PR Karma provides you the ability to keep both your customers or potential customers and journalists updated on the news about your business or organization.  With the former, you can use your PR Karma newsroom like a ‘newsletter’ (a few of our customers have done away with their newsletter and now use their newsroom.

When you publish news, you have three options.

  • First, send your news to Journalists / The Media, your newsroom followers, and post to your newsroom.
  • Second, only send your news to people following your newsroom AND post the information to your newsroom.
  • Third, only post your news to your newsroom (do not send to your followers and do not include the media.)

Up until now, all your ‘news’ would be classified as ‘news.’

We have now changed this to distinguish between a ‘news article’ and a ‘press release.’ 

A ‘news article’ would be classified when you only send your news to followers or publish it to your newsroom.  For example, a post like this helps update your audience about a change in COVID policies, an updated menu (for a restaurant), etc.  However, if you send an official press release to the media (along with your newsroom & followers), it would then be classified as a ‘News release’ and not a ‘news article.’

See attachments for further clarification.

Previous PR Karma Update – February 14, 2022

  • Addition of metadata.  Add metadata to your newsroom.
  • Media Desk Underway
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Key Takeaways

  • News clarification
  • Difference between news article & news release
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