New functionality addition and media desk update.

New Functionality Addition:
We have now added this functionality for those familiar with using “metadata” within a web page to personalize your newsroom further.  A meta description is an HTML element that summarizes a web page within search results.

The meta description shows up in search engine results, providing the user an idea of the content for a particular web page.  For example, you could have: ”ABC Company Newsroom - News, press releases, and media assets for ABC Company.  If this is left blank, our default is applied.

To modify or update your Meta Description and Meta Keywords, go into “Your Newsrooms” from the blue menu bar when you log into your account.  Then, from the blue menu links, select ”Newsroom Info.” Below “Newsroom Status,”  you will see two new fields you can fill in to update your Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

Media Desk Underway
Our media desk is well under development, and we are hoping for a late spring launch – fingers crossed.  For those not familiar with our media desk, it is a tool that journalists will be able to use tied to all of our newsrooms.  If you are familiar with HARO and MuckRack, this will be like combining the two tools and extra research functionality for journalists to set up notification filters.  But, again, all of this will be tied into our newsrooms and will be free for journalists.

We are excited to welcome several new newsroom clients to our family.

District Wine Village

Lav & Kush


OZ Fund Inc.

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

JPF Venture Group

We have updated our knoweldge base with more articles that may be found here:

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Key Takeaways

  • Add metadata to your newsroom
  • Media Desk Underway
  • Welcome...
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